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Those of us already involved in the Cannabis industry know how competitive the markets are. If you are just starting out in cannabis, you need to understand how easy it is to look vulnerable to large corporations and businesses. Not only are there sharks in the water, but just navigating the regulations and restrictions in the industry can be difficult enough. With fluctuating regulations, highly competitive markets, and rapidly changing product ecosystems, a new company or even an existing one struggling in this industry needs a bodyguard, a mentor, and a friend to help navigate the waters. 

Chronic Yield Solutions was born in 2019 to do just that, to educate and protect cannabis cultivators. Our main drive is to help these business increase yields and qualities in their products to dominate their sectors. With over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, our team is committed to providing exceptional knowledge, tools, and cultivation methodologies that will give your business a great competitive advantage. We are here to help our clients avoid the costly mistakes and dangers that plague the industry while giving them advanced cutting edge tactics for cultivation that outperform the industry standards.

As cultivators ourselves, we have spent years perfecting our methodologies and years more dealing with the very same problems our clients face. Seeing these issues first hand, we have had to develop unique tactics and approaches to getting more out of our grow than was thought possible. Using advanced technologies and efficient methodologies, we have proven out the production rates of 1.4+ grams per watt. If you are unfamiliar with the industry standard, the upper limit was previously thought to be 1 gram per watt. This incredible increase in plant yield is unheard of and something that we feel needs to be shared. We believe that we can grow the cannabis industry as a whole by guiding other cultivators toward a much higher yield with quality, and a much greener future.

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